Are you new to vaping or just curious about how to vape? There are quite a few questions that need answering in the beginning. How do you use a vaping mod? AKA a vape device.

How do you use an atomiser? More so, what is an atomiser? Where do you insert the e-liquid? These are all common newbies questions and with vaping becoming a popular alternative to smoking there is a lot to grasp when you first start.

First off, there are many different devices on the market that perform differently, they range from small devices that simulate a cigarette to larger mods. Initially, a small compact device is probably the way to go as it easy to use and you can carry it with you when you are on the go.

Next is the actual e-liquid you choose. There are hundreds of e-liquids on the market. Spartan Vapes has a range of tried and tested flavours to choose from however a more important consideration than flavor is the nicotine strength. As a first-time vaper, a high strength could be too harsh and a nicotine strength that is too low may not give you satisfaction you need. Choosing a flavour is highly subjective and depends on many variables such as the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, the device you are using and of course the scent and taste that appeals most to you.

Finally, it is important to ensure the coil in your device, this is the wire that heats up the e-liquid and is absorbed by the cotton is always saturated with the e-liquid. It is critical that all the cotton is saturated, or you could burn the cotton before lighting which leads to an awful experience. When you switch to a new coil always drop a few drops on the cotton to saturate it before using it. A coil will need to be replaced often so do keep an eye on your coil.

Don’t be overwhelmed or intimated by the options out there when you first start vaping. It’s a simple concept and one that is widely being accepted across the globe.

Feel free to reach out through email or our Spartan Vapes social media platforms and we will help you through the process.

Safe vaping!

** Please note all blog posts are for information purposes only and solely based on the opinion and experience of Spartan Vapes members and we do not make any health claims or give medical advice **

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